Bible and Brunch

Are you curious about the Bible?

Do you want to learn more about who Jesus was and what He taught?

Do you love pancakes?

Every Sunday at 10 AM, from March 5 to April 23, we're hosting Bible & Brunch.

This is an opportunity for anyone to come and learn about the Bible and enjoy a delicious, FREE pancake brunch!

There will be a short, 30-minute Bible seminar followed by pancakes in our fellowship hall.

Each week we'll look for biblical answers to big questions about life and faith:

- In a world full of religions, why should I believe the Bible?

- What happens after we die?

- Who was Jesus and what does it mean to believe in Him?

- What toppings should I put on my pancakes?

Drop on in, no formal dress or previous Bible / church experience required!

Make sure to come in hungry. You won't want to miss this!